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[0.75mm2, 18 AWG] Lapp UNITRONIC® LiYY Unshielded Data Transmission Cable, 2-12 cores (1 meter)
Price RM7.80 - RM18.80 RM10.80 - RM21.80
Brand Lapp Kabel
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No.of cores & mm2 per conductor, Mfg. part number
  • Minimum bending radius for flexing: 15 x cable diameter
  • Temperature range: Flexing:-5°C to + 70°C, Static: -30°C to + 80°C
  • Working voltage: peak: 250V (not for purposes of power/high voltage current)
  • Conductor stranding: strands, fine wire 0.34mm2; 7- wire
  • Colour code: core ident code: DIN 47100
  • In accordance with VDE Regulations: VDE 0812

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This is the brand of choice if you want fast, safe and forward-thinking solutions for tranferring data. The range includes data cables for all electronic applications, from tiny cables in coffee machines to those transferring huge amounts of data in supercomputers.

UNITRONIC® LiYY cables are data transmission cables which have been developed from well proven types based on the specification VDE 0812. They are also used in control and signal lines in electronics for computer systems, electronic control equipment, scales etc.



  • Robust, durable and reliable.
  • Suitable for a wide range of uses, including under chemical and mechanical stress, in humid conditions and in various temperatures.
  • Suitable for fixed connection or energy supply chains.
  • Also halogen-free and available with international licences.


Fields of application:

  • Machine and appliance electronics.
  • Measurement and control technology.
  • Automated manufacturing processes and industrial robots.
  • Bus systems.
  • Fast LAN and Ethernet applications.
  • Music, studio and stage engineering.
  • And many more.




Number of cores and mm² per conductor Outer Diameter [mm]
2 x 0.75 5.1
3 x 0.75 5.6
4 x 0.75 6.1
5 x 0.75 6.9
7 x 0.75 7.5
8 x 0.75 8.7
10 x 0.75 9.4
12 x 0.75 10.1
16 x 0.75 11.2
20 x 0.75 12.4
25 x 0.75 14.0


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LiYY Unshielded Data Transmission Cable