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16mm 22mm Emergency Stop, Emergency Push Button, Emergency Switch, Switch Cover
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Terminal Push Button Momentary Press Switch for Heavy Duty usage. This switch is commonly used in high voltage application. Comes with rich looking inspiral, strong handfeel, heavy duty. automatic reset press switch.


- Switch Ratings for AC supply : Max 380VAC, 50Hz
- Switch Ratings for DC supply : Max 220/240VDC
- Rated power: 10A 440 V
- Contact Resistance : less than 5 ohms
- Insulation Resistance : More than 10 Mega ohms
- Contact times : 500,000 times
- Two contacts available : Normally Open and a normally closed contact
- Hole Diameter : 22mm
- IP65 Water & Dirt Resistance
- Certified with CE, UL and 3C international standards`