RM4.50 - RM5.00
TT Gear Motor, Plastic Gear and Shaft , 3-12Vdc, Single / Dual Shaft
Price RM4.50 - RM5.00
Brand Arduino OEM
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Shaft type
  • 3 - 6Vdc Rated Voltages
  • 1 : 48 Gear Ratio
  • Maximum 0.8kg.cm

TT DC Motor, Plastic Gear and Shaft, 3-12Vdc, Single / Dual Shaft, Ratio 1:48

This popular TT gear motor is an economical motor driver for beginners and also, one of the common used motors in Arduino projects. It is available in 2 options, namely single shaft and dual shaft. 




Attributes Values
Operating Voltages 3 - 12Vdc
Rated Voltages 3 - 6Vdc
No-Load Current 150mA @ 3Vdc, 200mA @ 6Vdc
No-Load Speed 90rpm @ 3Vdc, 200rpm @ 6Vdc
Gear Ratio 1 : 48
Torque 1.5 - 6.0kg.cm
Stall Torque 0.8kg.cm




What's in the box
  • 1x TT gear motor