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TT Gear Motor (High Torque), Metal Gear and Shaft , 3-12Vdc, Single / Dual Shaft
Price RM9.90 - RM19.90
Brand Arduino OEM
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Shaft Type, Gear Ratio
  • 3 - 6Vdc Rated Voltages
  • Single / Dual Shaft
  • Metal Gear and Shaft

TT DC Motor (High Torque), Metal Gear and Shaft, 3-12Vdc, Single / Dual Shaft

This is an upgrade version of  the popular TT gear motor, which comes with a mechanical gear set. With this, its reliability has improved and it provides a higher torque, solving the gear slip issues that often encountered by other gear motors.


This popular TT gear motor is an economical motor driver for beginners and also, one of the common used motors in Arduino projects. It is available in 2 options, namely single shaft and dual shaft which come with gear ratios 1:48 and 1:120, respectively.



Attributes Single Shaft Dual Shaft
Gear Set Material Full Metal Half Set Metal + Half Set Plastic
Gear Ratio 1 : 120 1 : 48
Shaft End Point TT shaft with M3 screw thread / 4mm round TT shaft with M3 screw thread
Operating Voltages 3 - 12Vdc 3 - 12Vdc
Rated Voltages 3 - 6Vdc 3 - 6Vdc
No-Load Current 300mA @ 6Vdc 150mA @ 3Vdc, 200mA @ 6Vdc
No-Load Speed 96rpm @ 6Vdc 90rpm @ 3Vdc, 200rpm @ 6Vdc
Torque 15kg.cm @ 6Vdc 1.5 - 6.0kg.cm
Stall Torque 18kg.cm 0.8kg.cm




What's in the box
  • 1x TT gear motor